Sisters - beautiful gift of God. (Part 3)

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Though I did not have any direct sisters, god gifted me so many. I experienced how it feels like younger/elder brother to a sister. But one way or the other I couldn’t keep it. One left the world; other three are busy with their own life or I didn’t keep in touch with… I got the same love from all of them, for which I am truly grateful.

After I joined Robosoft, I met Shree akka. Another gift of god… Some people make friends where ever they go. It is quite interesting but along with friends I made lot of sisters throughout :) You see, I am kind of emotional person. If someone shows even a little bit of care or love towards me, I get attracted and soon become close to them. May be that’s the reason. (It doesn’t mean every single gal I come across in my life, I make them my sister :P ;) it depends…) And about shree akka, well she is such a sweet heart, who is so caring that I am truly blessed to have her in my life. I am not sure if I had a real sister she would have been so caring/loving like shree akka.

What is so special about a “Sister”, well it cannot be expressed. You should have one…

I got this poem from net and I think, it makes this post complete…

She is my sister, not by blood
But rather by love
When i cry she wipes away the tears
When i hide she takes away my fears

Always and forever will i love my sister
Faithful and loyal she does remain
Protecting me from a world of despise
Listening to everyone of my cries

With arms wide open she nurtures me
and keeps away all that is wrong
She keeps me on track, never letting me stray
To my suggestions she will never say 'nay'

Thank you my sister for all that you have done
For without you all would be wrong
I love you my sister, with all my heart i do
The love for my sister is all true


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