Sisters - beautiful gift of God. (Part 2)

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Some people said she died of astama and some said due to adverse effect of the injection that was given to her the other day. I was badly hurt but then as time flew by, everything was forgotten. Everyone became busy in their own world. On my Upanayana – her absence stuck me again, when I saw her family who attended the occasion. Her daughter gave me sweets (which is some sort of ritual in Upanayana where your sister/cousin feed sweets and in return you have to give them some gift). It might sound strange but at some point that day, I felt her presence around me which is certainly not more than my illusion.

Human mind is quiet amazing. We forget our miseries and move on. Yeah, in some cases people take time but they do move on. Like my brother-in-law, who married again two years later… And since then I never visited their house.

I wasn’t close to my other cousins until that time. I spent the next summer holidays in my uncle’s place in Kemtoor, who is a priest in lord narasimha temple there. He had three children and Sarita was youngest. She was just 2 years elder to me. She filled the place that Udaykka had left. Soon, she got married and left to Hyderabad and became busy with her own life. I used to write letters every month and was getting replies. But eventually, the number decreased and then, it stopped. Meanwhile my other cosine Deepa became very close to me. Though she was in Mumbai and we had spent very little time together, we shared lot of things over the post. Like a kid, I used to wait for her letters and then was writing back. That was the first time, where I started writing letters in Hindi/English because she couldn’t read Kannada. Every year I got rakhi’s from my beloved sisters Deepa and Sarita. But somewhere I felt, everyone including myself found busy with our lives and soon I lost contact from them. Once I joined CEC (Canara Engineering College) I entered into a different world, away from my family, on my own with friends. I spent all my life with my parents and those four years I had to spend in Hostels. It was indeed a great experience. I made lot of friends there and everything was just going fine.

And then, someone entered my life as sister. She wasn’t my cosine or my relative. We spent 2 years in the same class but never spoke with each other. I don’t know how this brother-sister relation started but let me tell you, we were so serious about it. Don’t get me wrong it was such a nice relation I shared with my little sister. She was just 4 months younger to me. We started going around, spent lots of time over the call, cared for each other a lot, studied together and danced together during our last college day. I was so much involved that I shared every single thing that included our personal issues back at home that I never shared with anyone else. But some personal problems, misunderstandings, conflicts in thoughts and principles brought the downfall. I lost her as a sister. Promises made and broken, Issues raised and resolved. But it never gained the same feeling as it had earlier.


$ Sapna $ said…
Issues raised.. never resolved..
In life s journey.. i just bumped into u..
For the good of it..
Lessons must be learnt..
Moving ahead as every stream does..
Slow or fast..
Moments pass... Memories Last...
We hav a very short life..
Why such a silence... Why such a pain..
Why not do something.. In which every1 gains...
A talk of sweetness...Words of CARE..
Coz people r GEMS.. precious and RARE...
Never Lose any1...
Just for some1... :)

Friends Padi ???

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