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This is something that I never ever dreamed of… We did a short movie for the competition that was organized in our company – “Showbizz – in search of stardom”

Since, I am there in the events committee; we had a discussion regarding the upcoming event for the month of June. And then, Roshni said how about a movie competition, we all agreed. You see, since my college days I am so much interested in such activities. After coming out of the discussion room, my mind had only one thing – I want to do a movie. I was pretty excited as we never come across such a competition. I prepared a notice for the same for displaying it in the company’s internal website. Thus “Showbizz – in search of stardom” was born. It was not difficult to encourage my team members as they always had supporting nature towards me but all that required is the initiators. I think I am good in initiating things… ;) So, we decided who, what, how, where and when to tak this assignment.

But outside our team, it is difficult to drive the people. As expected we got very response overall :( Only 4 registrations including ours. In that 3 from our own wing :) Cool na… The first movie – Destiny was based on the idea that my dear friend gave - and soon I started building on the script. The difficult part was to get the people and the decide the place. Thanks to Giri, KK, KP, Ganu, Priya and vishwa who took so much interest through which we could successfully complete the movie on time.

Locations – Girish’s room at “Kalasha” and the places around Kalasha in Santekatte, manipal end point.

We took 2 and half day for the shooting. It was all fun as we were new to this kind of work. Some of the scenes took lot of retakes since that “seriousness” factor was difficult to get. But let me tell you - it was a great experience. We had loads of fun. And, I am rally happy the way it came out at the end. We didn’t win the award but it was liked by many. And for me - that is what really counts :) Let me not tell you more about the movie… Enough talking its show time ;) Watch the movie Destiny part 1, part 2 online - just by clicking on the following links,

Destiny part 1

Destiny part 2

Once we finished Destiny, my friend Naveen had another script in his mind. And that is Gomsi’ya grahachara - the winner of RS film fare award :) This was certainly the best movie. I didn’t act in this but had worked off the screen i.e. editing. No more comments, just watch it… 15 min complete entertainer :)

Gomsi grahachara part 1

Part 2

Enjoy ;)


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