A nightmare - comes to an end.

One of them broke the silence and said - “Are we going to die, what if they never be able to free us out… what if this lift breaks down and fall from where we are now?”

This was not the topic I wanted to discuss, nor did I want them to either. The question followed by a silence again before I took the initiative… “Are you serious or just kidding? Don’t be so pessimistic. We are not lost, people outside are aware of the situation and trying their best to resolve. It might take some time but surely we will be fine. Only thing I am worried about now is the wing timing. We have lost more than one hour in this stupid lift, doing nothing. What are we going to write in the time tracker?”… For a moment I felt what I spoke was irrelevant to the current situation. But it certainly made them feel little better as I could see them smiling for the first time since we were trapped inside.

The emergency wheel that is meant for such situation was also not working. Hence, it was getting delayed. I was just wondering how everything could fail at the same moment. Or maybe it was my fate that is troubling me since I woke up that morning. And now, I have got company too. We waited and waited, it has crossed 2 hours now since we were in there. We were getting frustrated but we had no other choice but to wait. It was 2PM and now we were hungry.

Without finding any other alternative, they finally reconnected the power hoping to see the lift respond gently. We were happy to have the fans running again but feared to press any buttons since we had experienced a bumpy ride earlier. Then slowly, we could feel the lift movement. It was not harsh but we felt as if someone is pulling the whole container. Electricians and support staffs had finally fixed the emergency wheel. :) That enlightened our minds and souls and now we were eagerly waiting for the door to get open.

After that, it did not take much time for them to get us out. Our three hours of unexpected imprisonment was finally over. There were many people gathered around at that moment. As soon as we came out, people started clapping with loud cheers and whistles. For a moment we felt as if we were some sort of celebrities, for whom a huge crowd eagerly waiting for one such glimpse. All of us were sweating out like hell and feeling damn hungry. Certainly, we needed some time to settle down. I had my lunch then and came back to my place hoping to see no work but to take some rest. It was 4PM and as usual, our developers were ready with a build. And to my bad luck, it was supposed to be uploaded the same day… Slowly, I started experiencing some sort of head ache which kept on growing. I wished to take a nap in the rest room, but it was not possible.

It was 9.30 PM when I finished work. By then my head ache had reached its maximum limit. I could literally feel the earth revolving around me! Then I realized, it was not the earth but my head started reeling. I don’t know how I reached my place that night, but fortunately I did it at the end! As soon as I entered my room I could see no other place than my bed. I was horribly tired after a long day and I dozed off in no time…

Next morning started with the same daily routine. All that happened the other day was going through my mind like a slide show. It looked as if it was a night mare but it happed for real. But the fact that I am still alive in one piece brought a smile back on my face though it was a terrible but a different experience.


namitha said…
SUPRISE!!Never knew u write blogs.........i was in blogspot before but now i have removed it..
Sunil Padiyar said…
:) Yeah, some time feel like writing something for fun.. .. inspired by other blogger friends ofcoarse ;)

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