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Life without friends


A love story

It was 8'o clock already and still I had to finish my breakfast. The school starts at 9.30 but I was getting ready pretty early though it requires not even 15 min to reach the school premises.
But I was in a hurry...
'Mom where is my bag, my uniform, my shoes...!'
Ufff…I was getting tensed as if it was a final exam and I was already late! This is not just that day, but from past few days you could see me doing the same thing at my place in the morning. Mom never doubted me why there was a sudden change in my schedule because every time she'll get the answer as 'volleyball practice'. I was in the school volleyball team so it was a safe answer. But my intentions were something else. :)
It was 8.15am, and I was waiting near the place, where I used to wait from the last few days. Just a couple of yards from my house. I was getting restless; my eyes started searching for the face which was responsible for all the recent changes in me. I was checking my watch now an…