February 21, 2016

That Night.. (Part 2)

Contd from Part_1

I don't believe in Ghost. May be I did, when I was a kid. Even the lamest horror shows (Zee-horror-show) used to give me nightmares. Over the period of time, I became skeptical about the whole after-death theories. Perhaps, the credit has to go to numerous horror shows, horror movies that I saw. Somehow I developed a taste to this genre of media and during this period I became fearless, fearless to the whole idea of creepy ghosts, devils, dark stories etc. But everything was about to change. 

...Sometimes life gives you situations where you don't really understand what is real and what isn't. On top of that, its very likely that you don't get enough time to even think through what is going on. Same was the case with me that night. Skeptical part of the brain was bamboozled, totally in for a shock and it stopped working when I saw that 'figure'. You don't expect anyone standing on the middle of the road, at night, that too in such a part of the Bangalore! The light beaming from my bike's headlamps fell on one such thing or a person I wasn't sure, but it took me by surprise and completely off-guarded.

"Sqeeeesshh".. subconscious mind sent rapid signals to apply the breaks and I somehow managed to be stand firm and not get thrown away into the ground. Breeze of silence followed by chirping of crickets from those lonely bushes created an awkward situation. I started my bike again, simply raising the accelerator on neutral, I honked for a while to see if there is any movement... But this weird character, standing few feet away, was completely motion-less. I didn't know how to react or even believe my eyes, or was it my tired mind playing tricks? Was I really hallucinating? Or... was it real??

"wait, why do you jump in to conclusion that its something out of this world, it can still be some crazy lady.."
"..but then why would a crazy lady just stand there with her hair untied, covering almost her entire face?"
"At least she isn't wearing a white saree!!" 
"As if the ghosts care about some fashion-sense" 

"Oh Shut the f**k up" I whispered to my crazy thoughts. Sometimes our sensible and senseless parts of the brain only make matters worst. I could have just left, racing away, from the sides and be done with it. But no... how can a half asleep, tired brain, good for nothing brain can make rational decisions? Without getting down, I leaned towards my left to pick up a stone and threw towards the lady. Well, the result just blow my mind away. It literally, went through her body. literally! It was a million times worse than the worst "What the F***" moment! What is shitting bricks - well I had a hard realization at that moment. My dried throat were so powerless to even generate a squeak as I saw the little movement in the figure standing in front of me. The little movement of the neck and I was sure she was starring at me. I was frightened to death, my body was shaking and my lips trembled - as I vigorously tried kick starting my bike and then I realized I had not turned the keys on. 

Somehow I pulled myself together, started my bike and raised the accelerator to the max.. I closed my eyes as I rode across that unanswered-uncharacteristic-unresolved piece of puzzle. I didn't stop after that... I didn't have courage to even look back. I felt like a kid all over again when I used to get scared even to go out in the dark thinking someone will grab me from behind. I was thankful when I reached home, went inside and saw my wife sound asleep. It was 3.30AM when I went to bed but I couldn't get any sleep. Neither I could erase that figure from my mind nor I could turn-off the scary thoughts. And the worst part - I had to be in office in less than 6 hours... I badly needed sleep but how!? 

To be contd...

February 9, 2016

That night... (part 1)

"Thursday... another day and then as they say TGIF... followed by the best part - the weekends", I thought to myself, as I entered the office premises. But little I knew that it was going to be a long working day and a horrific experience of my life. 

As soon as I opened my mailbox there were loads of issues reported and we had to deliver them all before Friday EOD. Thus began one of the longest working days I could ever think of. The day progressed testing several builds, retesting defects that went back and forth, lengthy calls with managers & clients and with many.. many cups of coffee. It felt as if the day wasn't going to end and I was stuck to my laptop all the time. The only time I got up was to refill my water bottle and to empty the fluid-one within. Even the lunch, snacks, dinner were ordered to our desks!! And finally, it was 2.30AM - friday early morning actually, when we decided to take a break. We had worked for 17 hrs straight and it wasn't over yet. We had two options either stay in office overnight and start afresh in the morning in which case the only fresh thing would be the coffee we were going to get. Or, go home get some sleep, freshen up for real and come back by 9.30 AM as usual. I decided for the later and started packing my bags. 

It was early morning or late mid-night shall I say, but one thing about Banglore is we can be sure of getting cabs at any time. But I was stupid not to as I went down towards my bike. Half of my senses were asleep and dead-tired, as I stroll towards the basement parking which was empty and looked scary like in those horror movies. Within no time, I was on road, a half an hour journey to the max due to the early hours which otherwise would have taken an hour or even more.

You should always take the main road at night. Not because of the scarcity of getting robbed but most importantly because of the Dogs! Now, as I said, my senses were not working as expected and I believe the muscle-memory forced me to take the usual route which is shorter in distance but deserted in patches. Anyway, I was half-way through, where this road passes by a village or an empty landscape which I believe used to be an agriculture land before but now abandoned or in dispute. This stretch, about 2 KM long, even during broad day light was so empty, you would only see the vehicles on road but absolutely nothing on the sides in other words it wasn't in habitual. The abandoned land had given life to wild plants and shelter for stray dogs. A quick peak on my wrist watch revealed - 2.45 AM. 

Then a strange thing happened. Power cuts are not something very rare in Banglore. But considering the location I was travelling in - it suddenly became so dark when the streetlights went-off,  the only light source was the headlights of my bike. This location isn't remote and definitely not unknown  but given the circumstances I had to say I became a little uncomfortable going through my usual road. So I raised the speed to cover this dark land soon... Oddly, it wasn't getting over!!

I was going through the same route I have been taking all this while for almost an year - I knew every single potholes on the road - but.. this stretch... for some reason wasn't getting over! After a while, I felt I have been going through the same road like endless times or as if going around a circle, I realized something wasn't right. I stopped my vehicle, took a deep breath, rubbed my eyes.. looked around to make sure I wasn't going in the wrong direction. This time I made sure I wasn't hallucinating (even though I was pretty sure that I wasn't hallucinating the first time) - I started again. 

This thought of not being able to get thorough a usual-stretch-of-road, even though, riding my bike for what I believed to be quite some time - sent alarming signals to my brains. I was pretty much awake by now even though my tiring eyes were desperate to get some sleep.

And then I saw something... which sent chills down my spine!!

To be contd...

image courtesy: google image (motorcyclecrucier.com)

January 31, 2015

Random Thoughts

"You are the laziest bugger in this world.. thought you were dead!",- my blog told me the other day when I opened it after such a long time... No posts since September 2013! Whoa man! Time does fly! 

So why am I writing today and what am I going to write? I have no idea whatsoever! Like my other Random thoughts this is going to be an interesting (read pointless!) post. Let me try to jot down things that have happened over one year - since I last wrote my post (Not that you people are eager to know, or were waiting for my post! I am gonna write it either way just to update my blog!)

* Still working in the same company, completed 4 years in fact! Got into a new project after spending almost 3 years in the same account! Partly the credit (of not writing any posts) should also go to my new project! Oh wait, its not that bad after all, I got promoted to the next level!!... So, am I happy with the new role, work that I am doing? Lets just put it this way - I did get 'relatively fair amount' of hike when I was in desperate need! 

* Moving on, one big thing happened! I don't know how, we managed to buy an apartment of our own... in Bangalore! Of coarse, parents and bank had their share of helping hands. Significant achievement? Yeah, perhaps one that I can count. It did take a while to sync in! Even after we moved in, it took almost a week to realize - the real happiness of living in your OWN place. Costly affair but an awesome feeling!!

* Every person has a creative part in their brains. Unless we use them often, you may forget that you even have one! Whats my creativity you ask? Good question - I am figuring it out myself! Oh wait! Am I going through that phase?? :-O 

* Friends: Ah, made some new, not in regular touch with some good old ones... 'People are busy with their own lives' - yeah, of coarse, but we need to put some effort in reaching them out.. be it phone or in person.. right? Why am I writing it then, should start calling them all one by one!

* New year resolution: None. Whats the point in making one, if I can't keep them! Besides, why should we wait for new year to make a resolution - right? :) So have I made any resolutions since my last post? I told myself several things, several times... but kept on doing otherwise.. I don't fall into that category then. Yeah, so the answer still remains - none. 

That's it for now bud! (my blog). Until next time (not sure when its gonna be).. See ya..  

P.S: Pardon any grammatical errors - like I said, this is a random post so I am not reviewing it...